Sky Service is the Biggest Skydiving Service in Eastern Europe.

Over a two year period we played a large role in helping them solidify their branding positionsing with a consistent set of marketing collaterals (from flyers to posters, tshirts to vouchers) which all spoke with the same voice.

When we first began working for them, they had a very unfocused branding effort; every flyer looked different and amateur. Creating an “edgy” graphic style with high adventure headline claims which we wrote (“Every adventure begins with a single step… this is ours”, and “Reboot your life!”), they have seen massive growth in their market share to become the premiere action holiday provider. Click the link below to check out just some of the works...


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Mission Statement

We deliver breakthrough strategic thinking and marketing design direction that can turn your concept not just from vision to reality, but into success. The main core of our strategy is organizing ideas to identify the opportunities with the most potential to gain consumer attention. We create branding that communicates.™