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The Prague Post digital transformation

The Grand Dame of Prague's English media scene gets a digital makeover...

Until April of 2016, The Prague Post was Central Europe's largest English language news source, a respected media that was published for over 20 years.

With a long time presence on the internet, they had been running for a very long time on a site that was originally built from scratch in 1994 and updated and tweaked until it was a real mess, completely unsuitable for the modern internet reading experience.

As they began shifting away, like many newspapers, from print to digital, they had hired a Czech firm to rebuild their site, but after one year and many thousands of dollars, the project was incomplete and completely unsatisfactory... the WordPress site that had been delivered didn't integrate with their existing database, nor was it responsive on tablets and smartphones, completely unacceptable in this day and age.

Inkybrain was hired to come in and build out a brand new site for them that was accessible via all digital devices, which required a lot of customisation and development work using the Joomla platform.

We chose for them a Pinterest/Mashable style "article wall" format that allows for easy reading and consumption of their many daily published articles, and put the old site into archive mode, integrated with one search function for both sites, and focused on

One of the great features of this version of the site was that it randomly placed the advertisements amongst the articles, eliminating the "blind spot" most advertising based news sites suffer from.

In addition, we has special call-out boxes to display paid/sponsored content in a way that stood out, but still had credibility with our readers;

In addition, we rebranded their logo design, redesigned their PDF version of the newspaper and also their PDF free supplements and oversaw the setting up of a Kindle and iTunes feeds for online subscriptions to those platforms. And we did this without any needed increase in labour costs;

Feel free to download a sample copy via this link.

You can view an example of the special supplements here:

In addition to providing media creative services, we also worked on the marketing materials for The Prague Post. Below is the media kit we created for them, you can download the PDF version via this link.

If you have any questions about our work with The Prague Post, or would like us to help you reinvent your media properties, feel free to contact us via the link in the top menu.

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