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Five years of magazine production for The Forex Journal

The Forex Journal is a respected financial publication published by DPR International out of Singapore, and while now exclusively an online media, published a print edition for many years.

Inkybrain was contracted to redesign their previous design template and ended up producing the magazine on a monthly basis (more than 50 issues), for just over five years, as well as their sister publication, The Trader's Journal.

The previous design lacked an elegance which the subject matter required. Less aspirational and more refined, we approached the subject matter with an elegant font treatment and a fine grid, allowing bold graphics to grab the viewers attention and landing decks, with drop caps and call outs to guide them through what could be, for some readers, a very dry subject.



For The Forex Journal, we developed a new logotype with a gradient, denoting market movement and a circular coin device, to give the feel of coinage and the cyclical nature of the market. Eventually, they followed our advice to remove the word 'the' to make the title even more modern.

We also developed for them a new tagline "Winning Trades Begin Here" to position the magazine as the right tool for forex traders. The publisher was very pleased with the redesign and also hired us to produce The Trader's Journal each month as well.

Download a sample issue in PDF format

As a long term magazine design client, every year The Forex Journal needed a new media kit, which we also produced:

Designed on A4 in a horizontal format for easier viewing on the computer monitor.

Below, you can find an image gallery of the 50 issues we produced for DPR International.


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