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360° Marketing Services for Prague Thrift Store

Prague Thrift Store is a charitable second hand shop for the Prague community, a business that funnels proceeds from the sales of second hand goods to help mothers in need, the homeless and children's centers....

For several years now, Inkybrain has been their go-to provider of creative promotional materials to help them in their mission to help those in need.

The work has ranged from work on their original website (and teaching them how to use Joomla well enough to update it as they like), to marketing flyers, e-flyers, in-store posters, external store signage and copywriting of all kinds, including the website and their email marketing campaigns.

It's always great to have a client with a sense of humor that matches ours, which allows us to make great in-store posters like this;

And Facebook ads like this:

But a lot of our work is also more aspirational, like this postcard/sticker series;

As the coolest second hand shop in Prague, they wanted a guerilla marketing campaign to attract more students.

As a charity thrift shop, they don't have a large marketing budget, but they still expect big results from their marketing efforts. Most of the materials I create for them are of a discount-offering nature, but this time they needed to just do some basic branding awareness. The result was this series of postcards/stickers that also were used as a sticker campaign in clubs and bathrooms around town. I also wrote the copy, using Flickr images from the Creative Commons, that had permissions set for commercial usage.

As mentioned, the bulk of their work is of a discount-offering nature, promoting sales days. To keep art costs to a minimum and still lively and attractive, we use vintage images to convey the message to the target audiences, from teachers to students, to seniors and parents. Below, you can check out some of the design works in the gallery:

Every year, The Prague Thrift Store needed a general information flyer to hand out to tourists during the summer marketing season. The first print run was an A5 size, and the client had a lot of information they wanted to get in there, so in our opinion it was a little too much information. After these were distributed, a DL sized flyer was made with more information, making it easier to read.

When they opened their second location due to the success they were experiencing, we did the artwork for the store exterior, which is still in progress;

Mission Statement

We deliver breakthrough strategic thinking and marketing design direction that can turn your concept not just from vision to reality, but into success. The main core of our strategy is organizing ideas to identify the opportunities with the most potential to gain consumer attention. We create branding that communicates.™