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Brand image development and marketing for Sky Service is the Czech Republic's leading adventure experience provider and the number one sky diving operator in Central Europe, thanks in large part to an aggressive marketing campaign under the creative direction of Inkybrain.

When they began their marketing efforts, every communication had a different look and feel, and the copy direction was lacking a real punch. So we sat down with them and prepared an image series that really spoke for the 'vibe' of the adventures they sell and translated it into the work below.

As one of my favourite clients, I've had the pleasure for the past couple years to help them grow their business year on year with a variety of marketing efforts, from posters to flyers, brochures, certificates, stickers, tshirts, van wrap designs and more.

Before we began working with them, they had a very unfocused branding effort; every flyer looked different and amateur.

By creating an "edgy" graphic style with high adventure headline claims which wewrote ("Every adventure begins with a single step… this is ours", and "Reboot your life!" for example), they have seen massive growth in their market share to become the premiere action holiday provider. Below are just some of the hundreds of marketing collateral I've designed for them.

Here is a series of image ads that also ran as a sticker campaign:

These materials then translated into more informative sales driven adverts, posters and flyers as these:

We also varied the imagery with an additional version;

For the most cost effective marketing approach, large-run flyer circulations were put into play, constantly fine tuned with the latest offerings, co-brandings and even languages, from English to Czech, German and even Korean.

We also designed the graphics for their shuttle vehicle and lots of collateral materials, from CD artwork, to tshirts, certificates and booking vouchers.

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We deliver breakthrough strategic thinking and marketing design direction that can turn your concept not just from vision to reality, but into success. The main core of our strategy is organizing ideas to identify the opportunities with the most potential to gain consumer attention. We create branding that communicates.™